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Notepad++ 5.1.1免费下载链接,让你的编程更高效

Notepad++ 5.1.1免费的强大代码编辑器

Notepad++是一款免费的代码编辑器它支持多种编程语言和文本格式具有代码折叠语法高亮自动补全等功能Notepad++是由开发者Don Ho创建的基于Microsoft Windows操作系统是许多程序员和文本编辑者的首选工具


Notepad++ 5.1.1

  • 使用Windows 11的新型现代外壳用Notepad++编辑替代固定到快速访问

  • 更新Scintilla到5.3.4和Lexilla到5.2.4

  • 添加MS Transact-SQL支持

  • 添加GDScript语言支持带有自动补全和函数列表

  • 修复了UDL空按钮在更改本地化后的回归问题

  • 在查找替换对话框中添加了将查找内容复制到替换为和反之亦然的功能

  • 修复了DocSwitcher RTL问题并使用编辑字段代替小型弹出值对话框

  • GUI视觉增强修复了当一个项目值改变时整个对话框项目闪烁的问题

  • 使托盘图标上下文菜单可翻译

  • 修复了替换记事本打开包含空格的文件名回归问题

  • 修复了查找文件进度窗口和文档切换器的视觉故障回归问题

你可以从官方网站或SourceForge下载Notepad++ 5.1.1的安装程序或便携版你还可以使用GPG签名和SHA-256摘要来验证你的Notepad++下载的完整性如果你想了解更多关于Notepad++的信息你可以访问它的官方网站或SourceForge页面


Notepad++ 5.1.1: A free and powerful code editor

Notepad++ is a free code editor that supports multiple programming languages and text formats, with features such as code folding, syntax highlighting, auto-completion and more. Notepad++ was created by developer Don Ho, based on Microsoft Windows operating system, and is the preferred tool for many programmers and text editors.

The latest version of Notepad++ is 8.5.1, released on December 13, 2022, with the following updates:

  • Use Windows 11's new modern shell "Edit with Notepad++" instead of "Pin to Quick access".

  • Update Scintilla to 5.3.4 and Lexilla to 5.2.4.

  • Add MS Transact-SQL support.

  • Add GDScript language support with autocomplete and function list.

  • Fix UDL empty button regression after changing localization.

  • Add ability to copy "Find what" to "Replace with" and vice versa in Find Replace dialog.

  • Fix DocSwitcher RTL problem, and use edit field instead of a small popup value dialog.

  • GUI visual enhancement: Fix whole dialog items blink when a item value changed.

Make tray icon context menu trans


  • 支持多标签和多视图可以同时打开和编辑多个文件

  • 支持宏录制和运行可以自动化重复的任务

  • 支持插件扩展可以增加更多的功能和定制化

  • 支持拼写检查和自动保存可以避免错误和丢失

  • 支持比较文件和查找替换可以方便地修改和更新文件

  • 支持缩放和折叠可以调整视图和隐藏不需要的部分



Notepad++ is not only a code editor, but also has many other features and characteristics, such as:

  • Supports multiple tabs and views, can open and edit multiple files at the same time.

  • Supports macro recording and running, can automate repetitive tasks.

  • Supports plugin extensions, can add more functionality and customization.

  • Supports spell check and auto save, can avoid errors and loss.

  • Supports file comparison and find replace, can easily modify and update files.

  • Supports zooming and folding, can adjust the view and hide unwanted parts.

Notepad++ is an open source software, you can view its source code and contributors on GitHub. You can also ask questions and suggestions on the forum, or communicate and learn in the community. Notepad++ is a constantly developing and improving software, it is committed to providing users with a simple, efficient, flexible code editor. c5e3be4c90


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