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About Us

Experience and Heart

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Our Owners

Kids Kingdom Learning was founded in 2019 by the Melbourne-based Mikhail Family, and personally managed by Owner Director Maryan Mikhail. 

As a mother of three children herself, Maryan understands that parents make a very important decision when entrusting a centre to care for their most precious child. Equipped with many years of training and experience as an Early Childhood Educator & Director, Maryan has pulled together a team of highy-qualified, like-minded educators to realise her dream of a best-practice early childhood centre in her local area.

Together, the team at Kids Kingdom Learning is proud to support Melbourne families by providing children with a rich educational curriculum and personalised care, which is often difficult to find in larger corporate-run centres. 

Our Philosophy

Kids Kingdom is committed to provide a strong, family-centred environment with its core values of leadership, integrity, respect, innovation and teamwork. Our vision is to create a place where children, families and educators work in complete unison to advance children’s sense of being, becoming and belonging, creating confident and connected learners.

  • We believe in creating a safe, nurturing environment where all children can thrive and meet their full learning potential.

We create this space through fostering positive learning environments and relationships with children, with educators consistently at the children’s level; promoting learning discussions and positive interactions. We believe that each child is an individual and will learn in their own way, at their own pace. We consider a strong part of our role as educators is to develop and build on children’s strengths, interests and skills. We achieve this by planning experiences both for groups and individual children, then use critical reflection to extend upon each learning area, consistently aiming for meaningful learning. We believe in the importance of play, that children should be able to be engross themselves in uninterrupted play experiences, developing their imaginations, creativity, language and social skills.

  • Our service has a strong belief that all children have the right to feel safe and confident in sharing their own identity.

We believe in including children’s voices, ideas and interests in our curriculum planning and endeavour to extend on this to encourage children to feel connected and in control of their own learning. Our program also includes cultural learning and our team has a passion for including all children’s backgrounds, languages, traditions and celebrations into our curriculum, promoting acceptance and embracing diversity in our daily practice. Our team strives to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which our service stands and to promote learning of Indigenous Australian history and traditions.

  • Our educators understand that the family is a child’s number one teacher and the child’s biggest advocate.

We encourage families to share their ideas and contribute their goals and beliefs into our program, with each educator committed to acknowledging and including family’s voices in their child’s learning. We strive to develop positive; respectful partnerships with all families with an emphasis on active communication.

  • We strongly believe in creating a positive team-based environment.

We encourage our educators to engage in mentoring, supporting and working together in creating a positive learning and working environment. Our educators engage in critical reflection of their own practices and beliefs, striving for continuous improvement. We respect and value the experience of each member of our team and aspire to have each educator feel equal, appreciated and connected to their role here within our centre. Our educators are consistently encouraged to engage in ongoing training to ensure a strong understanding of their ethical, legal and professional responsibilities.

  • We acknowledge the importance of children being connected to nature and to the outdoor environment and community.

We aim to ensure all children have access to outdoor areas where possible, fostering active play as well as connection to the natural world. We believe in children exploring. We believe in fostering a strong connection between children and the local community. To achieve this, our educators and children share ideas for exploring the local area, engaging in regular excursions in which children are able to openly explore.

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