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The guide contains full instructions on how to install the software and also download links for the lab start-up files, so you can immediately get into the hands on practice that will help you learn the material and pass the exam.


Neil wanted the guide to be completely free and as simple to use as possible so it uses the free software GNS3 and Packet tracer for all the exercises. GNS3 is the best software for routing labs while Packet Tracer is the best for switching labs.

The guide also contains troubleshooting tips that will further expand your networking knowledge. These are explained in a logical manner to give you a systematic way of troubleshooting issues as they arise.

This Cisco CCNA lab workbook is like no other lab workbook out there. Not only do you get 60 detailed labs, you are also explained the theory behind the lab as we step you through the lab and we then provide review questions and answers at the end of the lab. Don't settle for lab workbooks that have very basic two router configurations. Click on this sample lab below and review how we use every possible interface with redundancy and all. Our labs are not like the cheesy 7 step labs in the Sybex CCNA study guide or such.By reviewing the CCNA Routing & Switching lab sample below, you will clearly see why our complex, step by step labs are the best!

Lab training is a learn by doing approach for real-world experience with configuration of network topologies. It is often used in conjunction with a study guide or course. The best lab training platform should provide a balance of features, functionality, ease of use and cost. This article will discuss all lab training solutions and select CCNA best-in-class.

PT simulator is as easy as clicking on a file and starting your lab. You could learn basic PT usage in 30 minutes or less. It is designed to be an almost intuitive simulation tool. Click on a network device, select CLI folder and start your configuration or run operational commands. Host icons have a desktop folder for Windows command line and web browser. Finally, PT is more than adequate for the CCNA exam where it is included in certification lab guides and courses.

You can also build and test your own labs from scratch and access network services such as DHCP, DNS, AAA, NTP and HTTP server. The lightweight application is now available on most operating systems with faster performance and ongoing support from Cisco. Study with my popular lab guide that has updated labs based on the new CCNA exam.

About 15 years ago, I decided to create a blog to share my experience in the form of Cisco networking tutorials, configuration examples, guides, tips, industry news etc for both beginners and experts. This is how this blog was born.

If you want to receive Cisco tutorials, configuration guides and other networking and security related topics from me, subscribe below to join over 18,000 other professionals that receive my emails. 041b061a72


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