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King Of The Tease By Kelsie Calloway __TOP__

The relationship between Nina and Diesel is an age-gap romance in which Diesel has craved our heroine since she moved in next door. Diesel is a violent man,a killer who takes what he wants, and destroys those who take from him but taking Nina means claiming the woman who has stolen his heart. Nina Castella is an innocent: raised by an abusive and controlling father, Nina craves her freedom having watched from her window as Diesel teased and seduced our heroine from afar. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text.

King of The Tease by Kelsie Calloway

He's the older man she's always wanted; she's the cherry he's waited years to pop. DieselI am obsessed with the girl next door. The first time I see her face, I brace myself against the wickedly indecent thoughts that threaten to bowl me over. But her body is as sweet as honey and I have to take a lick.NinaNight after night, I stand in front of my bedroom window and watch the neighbor. He brings home a new woman every night and leaves the lights on just for me. He's a dark and twisted tease, and I can't resist him.Diesel Beneventi's empire is missing the most important position: a queen. And there's no one he wants to crown quite like the girl he watched grow into a woman. But she's a captive of her father's and Diesel knows that if he's going to get closer to her, then he'll have to take some extraordinary measures.A forbidden love story, complete with jealousy, branding, and a happily ever after.Kick-off 2023 with a short slice of heaven.Your favorite instalove romance authors have come together to bring you a fun-sized selection of mafia men, billionaires, best friends, enemies, and more. Whether you like your short kings dangerous or sweet, these men will show you that height doesn't have to get in the way of true love.Short Kings: proving you don't have to be tall to have it all. 041b061a72


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