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Pierce Bondage

The writer proceeds to deplore, to General Hunter, the probable effect upon the minds of these negroes in transporting them, without their consent and against their will, to Hilton Head, to organize them as recruits; states that they are ignorant, suspicious, and sensitive; that they have not acquired such confidence in white men, nor so far recovered the manhood which two centuries of bondage have rooted out, as to realize that they have a country to fight for. He avers also that these forces enlistments will give color to the assurances of their masters that it was the purpose of the Union troops to take them to Cuba. He concludes this letter by stating that while he yields obedience to the order, he had felt compelled to state in what manner it appeared to him to conflict with the policy of the Government and the duties with which he had been charged.

pierce bondage

104 Judgment Day (1831-1861)--The nation expands westward; slavery becomes the most divisive issue in American life. Abolitionists struggle to bring the institution down, and the nation is tested as never before. As tensions over slavery erupt into violence, Americans are forced to consider how long the country can continue as a democracy built on the profits of bondage. Producer: Llewellyn Smith. 041b061a72


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