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Youthful Radiance Awaits: Discover Elien SPA's Signature Face Massage.

If you are looking for a way to relax and take a break from the daily hustle and bustle, and also want to give your skin a luxurious care, then a facial massage at Elien SPA in Riga is what you need!

Elien SPA offers a unique approach to facial massage, which is based on ancient traditions and modern technologies. In our salon we use only natural and environmentally friendly products to bring harmony and comfort into your life.

Nourish Your Skin and Soul: Indulge in Elien SPA's Luxurious Face Massage

Our team of professional massage therapists has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of facial skin care. They strive to make each procedure unique and individual, taking into account the characteristics of your skin and your personal preferences.

Facial massage at Elien SPA is not just a way to relax, it is a real beauty ritual. We offer various types of massage, including classical massage, Ayurvedic massage, lymphatic drainage massage and much more. Each of them has its own characteristics and healing properties that will help you achieve an ideal skin condition.

Facial massage at Elien SPA not only improves the condition of the skin, but also helps to relax and relieve stress. Our massage masters use special techniques and techniques that help to relax and enjoy the procedure. You will feel the tension and fatigue leave your face, leaving only a feeling of well-being and harmony.

In addition, we offer individual consultations and recommendations for facial skin care after the procedure. Our team of experts will help you choose the right products and care products to preserve and improve the results of the massage.

Visiting Elien SPA is not only an opportunity to improve the condition of your skin, but also a pleasant journey into the world of beauty and relaxation. Here you can forget about everyday problems and just enjoy the moment, plunging into an atmosphere of tranquility and bliss.

Trust the professionals of Elien SPA and feel how your skin comes to life and becomes radiant. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the result and will be able to feel the difference after the first visit. Put yourself in the hands of professionals and enjoy the incomparable sensations!


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