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Buy Cheap Monday Jeans

Cheap Monday was a Swedish clothing label. It was founded in 2004 by Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg, originally as a second-hand clothing store, in a suburb of Stockholm. The clothes started selling on March 10, 2004, and from the beginning in only one store called Weekday. The name of the brand derived from the fact that the original store was only open on Sunday. The brand was known for their idiosyncratic designs,[citation needed] and expanded from their original focus on jeans to include sneakers, flannel, and shirts.

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On March 6, 2008 it was announced that retailer H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) would acquire the company Fabric Scandinavien AB, maker of Cheap Monday jeans and operator of the Weekday store. H&M bought 60 percent of Fabric Scandinavien for 564 million Swedish kronor (US$92 million at the time) from the founders of the company: Adam Friberg, Lars Karlsson, Örjan Andersson and Linda Friberg. H&M has "the possibility/obligation to acquire the remaining shares in the company within three to five years."[2]

Cheap Monday is a company based in a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, that specializes in clothing and accessories. The brand is known for its youthful and contemporary vibe. Their offerings for men include jeans, tops, outerwear, accessories, and more.

Cheap Monday's line of men's jeans includes a variety of colors, washes, and hues. With the brand's alternative styling, customers can find cuts and designs that are not typically produced by more traditional denim brands. Select from the following Cheap Monday washes:

Cheap Monday jeans often feature the company's logo, a smiling skull against a plain background. The skull logo was designed by Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin to highlight the brand's alternative style and make it distinguishable from other brands. Besides the distinctive logo, the jeans' more extreme styling, such as extra-tight skinny styles and extra-loose baggy jeans, set the brand apart from traditional denim pants.

Cheap Monday journey is over. The iron curtain goes down for the most famous skinny jeans brand of the last 10 years. It was owned by H&M but the Swedish colossus of Pret-a-porter has announced that the brand production will terminate starting from January 2019. It's the end of an era, the indie aesthetic once represented by the skinny jeans and the indie bands that dominated music charts in the '00s has nowadays being completely replaced by the streetwear and hip hop music.

The brand was born in 2000, founded by Örjan Andersson and initially sold only in a small shop in Stockholm, but then the trend spread in northern Europe, in particular in Copenaghen, where the good quality jeans become a reference point for the youth culture. The products were distributed in 1800 stores located in 35 countries.

Cheap Monday produces delicious denims with an urban edge. Fresh and flattering, these garments are great for creating a bold and chic look. The seed of this brand was sown in 2000, when two designers, Örjan Andersson and Adam Friberg opened a small clothing shop in the suburbs of Stockholm with their friends. The store was called 'Weekend', and fittingly, was only open on Saturdays and Sundays. The venture was so successful that Andersson and Friberg set up a new store, 'Weekday', which eventually gave rise to their label 'Cheap Monday' in 2004. This label is designed to bring high fashion to the everyday wardrobes of fashion conscious men and women all over the world. Check out our Cheap Monday women's slim fit jeans and men's trousers and chinos for a sneak peek at this brand's sleek and playful take on fashion.

With its unforgettable skull logo, Cheap Monday first burst onto the fashion scene with its 'Tight' range of fitted jeans. Our collection of Cheap Monday men's jeans thus contains some of the most iconic items from this brand. Team your jeans up with a t shirt with a bold logo and some high top trainers for an on trend casual look. All of the garments created by this brand have a clean and contemporary look that makes them great for combining with all kinds of other garments. Wear our Cheap Monday women's tops with tailored trousers, flared skirts, or denim shorts for a subtly glam look. All of the items in this range manifest a striking yet simple approach to fashion. They are fashioned from the very best materials, to ensure that they feel superbly soft and breathable against the skin. This brand provides a lively restatement of classic garments (such as the timeless pair of denim jeans and tongue-in-cheek graphic men's t-shirts from Cheap Monday). Clothing from this collection is thus ideal for stylish men and women who want to re-envision classic outfits in a definitively contemporary way.

Swedish denim brand Cheap Monday is gearing up to celebrate its tenth anniversary in a big way. On October 10, it's planning to open pop-up shops in 10 cities at 10am local time. The shops will open for just 10 minutes and the brand will giveaway 10,000 pairs of free jeans in that time. Will one of the shops pop-up in New York? It hasn't been decided yet. Cheap Monday is asking fans to help pick the cities by voting here.

Hong Kong is currently leading in the polls, and NYC isn't in the top ten yet. But we're not far behind, so every vote counts. Another reason to vote? You'll get 10 percent off your next purchase at Cheap Monday's online shop. If we can't have free jeans, we'll settle for some affordable denim.

Crafted using recycled fibers made from post consumer waste, H&M owned brand Cheap Monday presented its new sustainable capsule collection at Pure. Catering for men and women, jeans hung next to longline denim jackets and placement print tees designed in collaboration with different creatives including Antwerp based graphic designer Tom Tosseyn; fashion illustrator and print designer Helen Bullock from London; and Berlin based influencer and designer Mago Dovjenko. 041b061a72


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