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The Advocate (1993) HD Avi

In June 2018, Dershowitz wrote an op-ed criticizing the American Civil Liberties Union, alleging that it had become a hyper-partisan organization and was no longer the nonpartisan group of politically diverse individuals sharing a commitment to core civil liberties it once was. He wrote, "The move of the ACLU to the hard-left reflects an even more dangerous and more general trend in the United States: the right is moving further right; the left is moving farther left, and the center is shrinking... The ACLU's move from the neutral protector of civil liberties to a partisan advocate of hard-left politics is both a symptom and consequence of this change." He also criticized Trump, writing that by denying fundamental civil liberties, he was also to blame for pushing the ACLU further into partisan politics.[74]

The Advocate (1993) HD avi


After the September 11 attacks, Dershowitz published an article in the San Francisco Chronicle titled "Want to Torture? Get a Warrant", in which he advocated the issuance of warrants permitting the torture of terrorism suspects if there were an "absolute need to obtain immediate information in order to save lives coupled with probable cause that the suspect had such information and is unwilling to reveal it".[111] He argued that authorities should be permitted to use non-lethal torture in a ticking time bomb scenario and that it would be less destructive to the rule of law to regulate the process than to leave it to individual law-enforcement agents' discretion. He favors preventing the government from prosecuting the subject of torture based on information revealed during such an interrogation.[112] A play based on the scenario by Robert Fothergill was named after Dershowitz.[113]

Ari is a successful local journalist turned dedicated public servant. For 21 years, Kagan hosted a radio and TV show, reporting on tenants and immigrants rights, as well as civic awareness. His reporting on important local matters transformed into a platform to advocate and lead on local issues that mattered most to his community. As a reporter, he wanted to do more for constituents than highlight their stories. Ari is a son of Holocaust survivors and he always fights against hate, bigotry, racism, and anti-Semitism. He served on multiple boards for charitable organizations and then worked with Congressman Michael McMahon, Comptrollers John Liu and Scott Stringer, and Council Member Mark Treyger.


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